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Getting Creative During COVID & Using Active Furniture

Lisa Witt spoke with Owner/CEO, Ursula Mentjes from Sales Coach Now. Ursula and I has a wonderful conversation about getting creative during COVID for your business, as well as tips and ideas for setting up your home office space or your kids school environment at home. LISTEN HERE! WATCH HERE! ~Lisa Witt Founder/CEO of WittFitt […]

Want a Standing Desk – Show This Study to Your Boss

Thinking about asking for a standing desk for work…this study proves many benefits! ============== Want a Standing Desk?  Show This Study to Your Boss By JAMIE DUCHARME October 10, 2018 TIME Health For more, visit TIME Health. Standing desks became trendy because of their ability to cut into your sitting time, thereby improving your health and wellness in the workplace. […]

To Sit or to Stand?

At WittFitt we believe that Moderation is the key!  Not too much sitting or too much standing.  This is a great article that explains why we need ACTIVE products at work. ============== Should you sit or stand at work? Both may kill you, experts say By Kyle Rothenberg Published May 21, 2015 Fox News If […]


WALL STREET JOURNAL, NY. FEB. 2007. New Workplace Trend Replaces Office Chairs With Gym Balls; A Debate Over Health Benefits By ANJALI ATHAVALEY February 27, 2007   People have searched for the perfect office chair for decades, one comfortable, adjustable and easy on the back. Now some professionals are abandoning chairs altogether — in favor […]

Office Exercise: Add more activity to your workday

Office exercise: Add more activity to your workday   Too much sitting and too little exercise is bad for your health. So get off your seat and make physical activity — from fitness breaks to walking meetings — part of your daily routine. By Mayo Clinic Staff- May 10, 2017 1. Start with your commute […]

Just Get Up From Your Desk

To Work Better, Just Get Up From Your Desk FORBES Alison Griswold , CONTRIBUTOR I cover the broad umbrella of leadership, and everything under it. FULL BIO  Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Sleepwalking through your job? Often hit by the 2 p.m. slump? A new study suggests a quick fix for […]